Our biggest adventure to date!!

We sold our first home!!

We sold our first home!!

In January of 2017 we sold our first home of 11 years, moved in with my parents and a few months later bought 15 acres on my husbands grandparents farm. if you look close enough you can see our new driveway in the clearing on the left of the above photo:) 

Now.....when we sold our house we had no idea we would indeed be moving back to the same Road behind our first home!! When we sold our first home we really didn't know what we were doing.......and that's where our adventure began! 

We were feeling antsy, we knew we needed to make a move, we had dreams of more land, homesteading......we had prayed for months about what we should do, where we should go, and when we should make a move and everything felt so scary! when you live in the same home for 11 years you feel a sense of comfort and stability. This was the home we brought all 4 of our babies home to, the home I could walk through with my eyes closed because I knew every corner by heart. This was the home that we spent endless hours on renovating, from tearing down walls, adding new ones, painting painting painting and more painting (hah!), roofing, flooring, landscaping, you name it we did it and had a blast!!!! One of these days I will share the pictures of our home when we first purchased it.....but that would involve finding them, haha! we're still moving and things are still packed up and let's just say that when we get in our boxes after almost 2 years it will feel like Christmas!!  I mentioned that we prayed about what to do....and it was when we stopped, waited and listened that we felt a sense of peace......we felt that we were making the right choice and things went together seamlessly! we had a contract on our home the first day our realtor showed it and it hit me.....we are selling our home!?!? Still I felt a peace.....an excitement for the unknowns. 

We put a whole lot of love, sweat and tears into our home, but I think that was the fun of it all!! As much as we loved our home, we talked about selling it every year it seemed.....so we'd do a few more projects, get a little less attached and year after year my feet felt less planted. We eventually added an addition on the back of our home and a 2 car garage and updated all of our light fixtures, paint and window trim. I say WE.......really it was my amazingly handy Husband and a phone in my hand searching Pinterest almost daily. The right family came along and loved it as much as we did! and so it was sold. We did it!


You may be wondering where we thought we were going after we sold our home? The "plan" was to move in with my parents, live in their home and build them a small log cottage on their land. The county had been out a few times, things were getting in order to start building for them, I had a few ideas as to what I could do as far as decorating went in their current log home.......and then.....land became available, a reality......our DREAM LAND! and my parents home remains their warm, inviting home where we still go for visits, dinners, sleepovers and fun!!!