It's tomato time!

Not sure what to do with all your tomatoes and not set up for canning? That's been me for the past few years......I love tomatoes and usually plant a few to many plants and then I'm suddenly overwhelmed when they all come in and I'm not set up to can....OR I get a bowl full that's not enough to can but to many to keep on my counter and eat on for a week;)


I discovered my love for roasting tomatoes 2 years ago when a sweet neighbor would drop off a small box of gorgeous yellow tomatoes on my door step a few times a week! some days I was heading out the door with not much time and other days it would get late in the evening and I just wanted to get them in the freezer;) roasting takes such little prep work and such little oven time and offers amazing flavor!! 

This recipe is not a true recipe with exact measurements but here is what I do!

Gather Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper, Fresh Garlic and Basil. (Fresh is my favorite but it you do not have fresh basil dried works great OR I also like an Italian blend with basil, thyme and oregano)


Preheat over to 375 degrees. wash and Quarter your tomatoes. No need to peel! dice your garlic and cut your basil. mix everything together with salt and pepper and lay on a cookie sheet and drizzle with Olive Oil. 


Bake for 30-40 min until the edges start to curl. 


Let your tomatoes cool and prepare quart size freezer Ziploc bags. I like to label mine and use within a year for a fresher taste:)


There you have it! super simple and delicious!! 

We use these frozen roasted tomatoes all through the winter for various family favorite dinners.

Here are our top 3 favorites!!

-Homemade Pizza with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella or our new favorite Kerrygold Dubliner aged white cheddar. yum!! for the kids they prefer just cheese......For my hubby and I we love our pizza topped with mushrooms, peppers and fresh basil!

-Winter soup with Tomatoes, black beans, cubed sweet potatoes, kale and Organic chicken stock (we get ours at Costco or my mama who makes amazing chicken stock and bone broth)

-Spaghetti  and Lasagna. For sauce we like to put our roasted tomatoes in a food processor with tomato paste (image below of what I use from Costco) to thicken and we occasionally add a few other spices to taste. so simple and tastes so fresh! 


Happy Gardening!!!