We Bought an RV!!


We sold our first home of 11 years, moved in with my parents and a few months later bought 15 acres on my husbands grandparents farm.


After living with my parents for 10 months we bought a 33 foot Cougar pull behind RV and moved it to our land to live in while we build our DREAM HOME. 

It was adorned in its typical 90's décor, colors and materials;) needless to say, if I was going to picture myself LIVING in it, it needed a little TLC. We stopped at the nearest Home Depot literally on the way home from getting it and stocked up on white Killz primer, white paint, stick on flooring and black hammered spray paint. 


After we spent a few days cleaning it out, ripping out every bit of cloth, curtains, carpet we could find it was ready to paint! we also removed the lovely sofa and gently tossed it into the dump;) 

We painted over the wallpaper and removed all of the cabinet doors and hardware and painted our hearts out. I had a vision for something light, bright and airy. It's amazing how open and roomy it felt as soon as all the brown turned into a crisp white! The cabinets took 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of white simigloss paint, and we used a total of 4 coats on the walls as well, 2 coats of primer killz and 2 coats of white satin paint. 


Not only did this RV have good bones to begin with, but everything in it WORKED! Heat/AC, water pump/water heater, convection microwave oven, gas stove and refrigerator/freezer. We never owned a camper before so it was all a learning process and we found great resources on various blogs and Pinterest. 


We decided on gray lower cabinets to break up the white a bit and add character. We then bought Stick-On subway tile from Amazon, spray painted all of the hardware and light fixtures black and installed peel and stick vinyl flooring planks.


We did a lot of research in what to use on the countertops.......we knew they needed to be updated and improved but we didn't want to go over budget with replacing them or installing butcher block......so I searched amazon for "countertop paint" and we found this black paint that worked wonders!!! it dries quickly with little to no streaks and they can be scrubbed clean! 


We originally re covered the bench seats in a gray died drop cloth linen, but with 4 kids and meals.....well you can imagine what they looked like after a few months;) we gained so much more space by removing the benches and found these awesome silver metal chairs on Amazon. Now I'm just wondering why I didn't do it sooner! 


After painting and getting settled in I had a blast decorating!! I've always had a thing for modern eclectic boho farmhouse style (is that a thing?) We mixed whites with calming blues, tassels, live house plants and bright mugs and pillows. The RV feels comfortable, fun and like a mini vacation every morning we wake up:) 

The memories being made in this RV are piling up like you wouldn't believe. While we're so excited to move out and have more space in our new home we get sad thinking about leaving it. This little RV has held more dance parties, Hide and Seek games (yes I said it, Hide and Seek!) Coffee breaks, Taco Tuesday's and family movies on the bunk beds.......I know it has shaped us in more ways than I can count and we are so thankful for this adventure!!